This past year, we have been teased with talks of a Hyperloop transport service, a futuristic tube that will bring you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes, and from Dubai to Doha in just 23 minutes.

It’s been a relatively quick journey for the originally LA based company who were invited to take part in the Dubai Future Accelerator Programme in August and then in January they announced they had formed an agreement with the RTA, which proved the Hyperloop is very much on it’s way to the UAE.

Right now, through partnerships in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Hyperloop is developing a transformational, national vision for transport, manufacturing and technology.

Environmentally friendly and cheaper, this is the solution to modern transit problems

The totally new mode of transportation will eventually change the face of transportation as we know it…

Here’s the complete update from the CEO of Hyperloop

This is what we can eventually expect to see

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Screenshot 2017 06 17 15 12 05
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