The Cathedral invited 250 blue-collared workers from labour accommodations to break their fast on Friday

A cathedral in Al Ain has opened the doors of its parish hall for Maghrib prayer and iftar feast in the true spirit of religious tolerance and brotherhood. The parish hall of St George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Simhasana Cathedral in Al Ain resonated with the Holy versus of Quran on Friday, June 9 when an Imam led the Magrib prayers.

The Cathedral invited 250 blue-collared workers from labour accommodations in Al Khrair region to break their fast on Friday.

Father Prince Ponnachen said the parish managing committee was inspired by the UAE leadership to take such a step.

“UAE President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has shown us the path with many social welfare programmes as part of the ‘Year of Giving’. This is our first step towards peace and religious harmony,” Ponnachen said.
Secretary Joseph Varghese said the committee members had planned to spread the message of religious harmony and brotherhood this Ramadan.

“Our cathedral is surrounded by labour accommodations. We went to couple of labour accommodation and they gladly accepted our idea. This was an inspirational experience for us. We hope to be a model of brotherhood and religious harmony for others. We will continue this practice in future too.”
The workers were mostly from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and together with the parish members made the proceedings a grand success.

Managing committee member and event convener Bobbin Skaria said the cathedral wanted to show the true meaning of brotherhood.

“This is arguably the first-time ever in the UAE that a church has allowed Muslim prayers to be performed in the parish hall. We have learned a lot from the tolerant nature of the UAE leadership.”

About 500 food parcels for the iftar were prepared solely by parish members.
“The youth and women’s wing took charge of making biryani and curry for our brothers with a mix of love,” Skaria added.

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