He had to send them back home due to his poor financial condition.

A 45-year-old Indian committed suicide on Monday by hanging himself from the ceiling fan in his relative’s apartment in Rolla, after his family had to return to India due to his poor financial condition.

The deceased worked in a company in Dubai as a GPS technician.

The deceased’s relative called the police on finding the body hanging from the fan. A police team, including forensic experts, patrols, crime scene officers and ambulance, rushed to the site and found that the man was already dead. Police gathered finger prints, evidences and inspected the phone of the deceased to determine the cause of the death.

The body has been shifted to forensic laboratory for autopsy and further investigation.

Police confirmed that the deceased — identified as Al Farashan Jacob — decided to take the extreme step.

Police interrogated the roommate — who happened to be Jacob’s relative — and some other people who were in touch with the deceased before his death.

Speaking to Khaleej Times, Reddy Jacob, the brother of the deceased, said that he believed that his brother committed suicide because he had to stay apart from his family, which included his wife, two daughters and a son. He sent them to India last month as it was difficult for him to support them with his low income. Jacob felt devastated and lonely as he was very attached to his children and wife.


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