He said he had hired her for three hours — one hour to clean the house and two hours to spend with him.
A 51-year-old man has gone on trial for allegedly sexually harassing a cleaner at his flat. He had ordered for her services from a cleaning company.

The Indian man, who works as a coordinator, denied a molestation charge at the Court of First Instance on Monday.

Court records show the man wanted the maid to clean his house for three hours. He allegedly told her to clean for one hour and spend the remaining two hours with him.

«I was assigned to go to a flat around 8.30am on July 24,» said the 24-year-old Filipina cleaner. «The defendant let me in and then I cleaned the toilet. Right after that, he told me to stop and sit next to him. When I refused, he told me he had ordered my services for three hours — one for work and two to spend with him.»

The maid, who felt scared, went to the bathroom, where she called her manager. «She told me to leave the flat, but on my way out the man touched me inappropriately.»

She cried in shock and anger.

The man then gave her Dh50 for one hour. She went down to the reception, where her manager picked her up and called the police.

The Filipina manager said: «The worker was dropped at the defendant’s flat at 8.30am in Dubai Investment Park, but at 10.15am, she called me and was whispering. She was in the bathroom and said the man wanted her to spend time with him.»

A policeman said: «We went to the building and heard the complainant’s account of what happened. When confronting the defendant, we found he was drunk.»

The accused was arrested by the Jebel Ali police on the same day.


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