You might want to procure this document before exiting UAE

If you are an expat and planning to leave Dubai, you should do it the right way.

After all, coming back to the city to sort your paperwork can be a huge hassle.

You might want to check our list of things to do before you exit the country, such as sorting the work contract, completing the bank formalities, getting your utilities in order, and so on.

5 things to keep in mind before leaving Dubai

One of the important documents to procure before leaving the city is the police clearance certificate. It is better to have it handy before leaving the emirates. We are sure expats regularly relocating around the globe might vouch for it.

If moving to Canada is your plan, then acquiring a ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ should be on your to-do list as the part of the immigration process.

The certificate is not only used for immigration but also for other purposes like starting a job as some employers request for it before hiring. It is also required while moving to another country, during naturalization, education etc.

Process of application

You can apply for ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ online on the Dubai Police website or apply for it through the official app of Dubai Police.

The required documents are:

> A valid Emirates ID
> 2 recent passport-size photographs
> Your email address
> A copy of your passport

Once inside the app, just click on the ‘Good Conduct Certificate’ tab and fill in the details like your Emirates ID, Email address, the purpose of the certificate etc. Once the details are entered, you will receive a confirmation code on your registered mobile number. On entering the code, you will be directed to Smart Government Payment Screen to complete the payment process.

Simple ways to leave Dubai with a fat bank account

You will need to attach the required documents and pay a fee of Dh210 online if you are an expat. UAE citizens need to make a payment of Dh110.

Outside the country?

If you have already moved outside the country and are applying for it, your fingerprints need to be verified. Head to any police station within your current country of residence, get your fingerprint taken, and get it attested by the UAE embassy.

Once the attestation has been done, you can send the application along with the required documents to the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police.

The cost of applying outside the country will vary. If you desire to get your application fast-tracked, you will have to pay more than the actual cost.

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